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Winch Outs

This is a picture of a winch out.

Oops. You're off the road with wheels spinning and no way back. No worries. Winching or winch outs are when your vehicle is stuck and we pull it out. You're probably imagining thick sticky mud and a simple winch out using a tree as leverage because that's what people with 4 x 4s play at when they off road.

In reality winch outs can be a lot more complex than that because they aren't just needed to get vehicles back to a place where they can get traction (like mud or snow) but also when there is damage to the vehicle or other obstacles involved (inclines, impacted road barriers, hedges, etc.) that mean that getting them out means a lot more than securing a winch and turning it on.

With any winch out more complicated than a simple snow or mud situation you need a professional who can evaluate the strength and nature of the pull required, and how to do it so as to minimize any further damage to the vehicle or other property. That's where you'll be glad you called Waco Towing & Recovery.

Simple winch outs

The simplest winch outs are because a bad surface like ice or heavy rain has caused the vehicle to skid and leave the road into mud or other surface where it can't get traction so simply can't get back to a driving surface. All that's needed then is a direct winch back to a safe driving surface. Even for a 4 x 4 with its own winch, however, that may not be so simple.

Not so simple winch outs

Sometimes the route back to the road isn't a straight line and one or more pulleys need to be set up to bring it back around obstacles. Sometimes there's an incline involved, like a ditch, and the calculations involved include the power and anchor weight (usually the other vehicle) required to safely winch the off road machine to terra firma.

Waco Towing & Recovery has the equipment and experience for the job.

When winch outs become recovery

A simple winch out means we pull the vehicle back to the road and that's job done. But if the vehicle has rolled, or lost a wheel, twisted an axle, or become fouled up on roadside barriers then it's going to need more than a winch out. It probably won't be in a condition to be driven away. That calls for a recovery vehicle, not just a winch out. Which is where a full recovery service like Waco Towing & Recovery has all the answers.

What you can do to help

For a start the biggest single thing you can do if you need winching is to call us. We have long experience of this and can take it from there but there are a few things we'll want to know to make sure we come equipped with the right tools for the job. As well as basic things like exactly where you are we'd like to know just how far you are from a paved surface.

Why did you get stuck (be honest now – remember we're the ones here to help). How many tires are on and how many tires are off the road? Is the vehicle damaged and likely to need recovery?

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