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Heavy Duty Towing

This is a picture of a heacy duty towing.

Heavy duty jobs demand heavy duty know how, and heavy duty equipment, which is precisely what Waco Towing & Recovery brings to the job just when you need it most. Big vehicles bring their own set of problems, and it takes an experienced specialist to get them back on the road. But they're also particularly valuable – not just in terms of the vehicle cost, but because they probably represent a big chunk of your business and we understand how much that means.

Trust Waco Towing & Recovery get your vehicles, and your business, back on the road again as soon as possible.

Semi-trailer roadside recovery

Big rigs can mean big problems. Lucky for you Waco Towing & Recovery have got your back if your 18 wheeler is stuck by the roadside losing you money by the minute.

If your business rests on the broad back of a tractor and semi-trailer then you'll know how important it is to get that rig rolling again. Whether the problem is mechanical, electrical, brakes, or tires our experts will get to you fast and get you going.

Jack-knifed, rolled, or off the road

If the tractor or trailer is off the road, or jack-knifed, we have the horsepower and the experience you need to sort it out. Semis haul huge weights but they rely on a careful balancing of weight and power.

Sharp curves, rain and snow, or spilled gasoline on the road can all combine to start the trailer skidding into the tractor. That force can push the trailer resulting in a jack-knife which may then slew parts of the rig clean off the road or even roll it. The results can be dramatic but one call to Waco Towing & Recovery and our heavy duty experts will be on their way to straighten it out and get things moving again.

Other heavy hardware

It's not just semis that can be a big job to haul around if they misbehave. Recreational vehicles, motor coaches, box trucks, even tour buses are all big jobs. If that flipped, rolled, or simply stuck machine happens to be your mobile home then you will want to be sure that when help comes it comes in the form of experts who know how to right and recover with the least possible damage in the process.

Fleet vehicles

Dumpster trucks, garbage trucks, ambulances, and fleet vehicles are working machines that people rely on. But they're also big and heavy and when they refuse to move or slide off the asphalt you need to know that the people you're calling are experts in getting your vehicle and the services it provides back on the streets. Waco Towing & Recovery are the guys you need.

Give us a call right now. Nobody likes to think of their heavy vehicles hitting trouble but it happens. When it does you want to be 100 per cent sure that you know who to turn to in order to get the whole thing put to rights as smoothly and as professionally as possible. That's us.

Waco, TX