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Full Wrecker Service

This is a picture of a full wrecker service.

The difference between a simple tow truck and a full wrecker service is that a tow truck presumes your vehicle can still move. At least one axle with two wheels is happy to spin so your car or truck can happily follow along the truck that tows it.

OK, maybe not that happily because you'd rather it was driving all by itself but smile because at least we're there to help and it can move. A wrecker service, however, means that for one of a number of reasons your vehicle is not able to roll behind the towing vehicle and the wrecker truck is going to take care of carrying that immobilized auto. That sounds really serious, and in some cases it can be, but often it's because treating the vehicle as totally immobile is the best way to protect it when moving to to a specialist mechanic.

When the situation is serious enough that you need a wrecker then you need a wrecker operative who really knows what they're doing and doesn't treat every immobilized vehicle as scrap. Which is why you need to talk to the experts at Waco Towing & Recovery.

Wheels and axles

If your wheels are damaged, or you've burst more tires than you have spares for, then you are going to have problems towing your car and it would be better to have it picked up and taken away to be lovingly cared for, rather than dragged, kicking and screaming.

Feather-bed care with a Flatbed

For removing a vehicle that is immobile you need either a 'repo' truck with an integrated 'snatcher' boom built on to it, or a flatbed (also known as a rollback or slide) which uses a hydraulic sloped platform that slides to the ground so we can either drive, push, or winch the vehicle onto the flatbed and carry it away.

With a skilled operator, such as Waco Towing & Recovery the flatbed system means your vehicle won't suffer any further damage from being towed since it is literally carried. That can be important in cases where it is hard to assess all the damage and you want to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Badly damaged vehicles

Sometimes you simply don't have a choice. If you're looking at a rolled vehicle with no wheels or broken axles then it's not a tow truck that you need. You'll need a full wrecker service to carry your vehicle away and you'll need a reputable professional service because, well because your next call is probably going to be to an insurance company and you want everything to be done by the book. Time to call Waco Towing & Recovery.

Wreck clearance

On public roads, and particularly where there is an immobilized vehicle that can itself be a hazard then the vehicle has to be removed. Typically the police contract this to a licensed wrecker. If you're on private ground it will most likely be your own problem so hey, don't let it be – make it ours instead. 24/7 Waco Towing & Recovery is here to help.

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