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This is a picture of a man looking for towing services.

Waco Towing & Recovery is proudly Texan, at the heart of McLennan county.  We're situated on the I-35 right on the halfway between Austin and Dallas which means that whether you're staying or living in our proud county capital, or whether you're passing through between the great cities of the Lone Star State, you need to make a note of our number.

We know that nobody wants to have to call a tow truck company, but Waco Towing & Recovery is the exception – because whatever your vehicle, whatever your problem, and whenever it happens day or night we can be there to help.  Because we do roadside assistance as well as every kind of recovery from motorbikes to overturned big rigs we are the only number you need to keep your motor running, or get it safely to help if we can't start it up for you on the spot.

Thinking ahead? Got a vehicle that isn't running under its own steam or which hasn't been driven for a while so you need it looked over before driving it?  No problem.

We're genuinely 24/7 so give us a call right now to talk to knowledgeable and friendly operators who can discuss what kind of service you need and what options we propose to make sure your vehicle comes to no further harm – whatever kind of a scrape it might have been in.

If you are planning ahead for a vehicle move and you want more information about what we can offer and at what price then fill in the email form and send it to us at Waco Towing & Recovery.  Whatever it is we can put your mind, and your motor, at rest.

Waco, TX