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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of a roadside assistance.

Stuff happens. That's the nature of life. Modern key technologies go a long way but keys still get locked inside cars and sometimes those lovely push button devices just run out of juice. Electrical faults are just waiting to jump out at you.

Tires and wheels like to wait until you are in the most inconvenient place and time before they decide to wobble. Engines are complicated assemblies of moving parts just waiting to grind to a halt. Sometimes cars just have a bad day and sulk. There are a million things that can go wrong with a vehicle, but just one number to call, day or night, 24/7, and that's Waco Towing & Recovery.

We know it's always an emergency, whether you need to get to work, to get your family home, or get your business back on the road this is more than just a machine we're talking about, it's your life. Which is why our professional roadside assistance specialists can be on their way to you whenever you need us.


Back in the old days it was a pretty common thing to lock your car door manually and just as it clunked into place you would notice your full set of car keys rocking gently in the ignition. Doh. Fortunately back in the old days our car windows and doors could usually be opened up with a bit of wire. Nowadays we have push button locks so it could never happen to you right? Don't be sure, The American Automobile Association reports more than 4,000,000 locked-out drivers every year.

Fortunately there are ways to solve this without damage. Some dealers can arrange a duplicate key to open the door (but not start the motor) – we can walk you through this. Some however require the car to be brought to them and that's where you need a reliable flatbed service – like Waco Towing & Recovery.

Jump starts

Even modern batteries don't have an indefinite life. The chemical reaction that starts up the electrical one has a limited lifespan and so the effective life of most batteries is about five years. In an ideal world we would always buy a new one when the old one starts to flab but we don't.

Sometimes the battery is just fine but someone left the lights on overnight and now it needs charging. Either way you need a jump start and fast. We have the right battery and all the juice you need to get you going again. So give us a call. 24/7.

Roadside mechanicals

When it comes to the worst a tow truck can get you and your vehicle home, but did you know we also offer a full roadside service. If the task doesn't need full workshop or parts that we don't carry then our experienced mechanics will come to you and get your motor running right there and then.

Flats and fluids

Some mechanicals aren't that big a deal. Changing tires or topping up fluids when the warnings start to flash. But just because it's not a biggie doesn't mean you can't call on the big guys to help. However big or small your problem we're there for you, 24/7.

Waco, TX