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Waco Towing & Recovery

Everybody hopes they will never have to call a rescue service, but when it comes to the crunch there's no doubt that it pays to be prepared. Waco Towing & Recovery is unlike other recovery services because we cover every kind of situation from a motor that just won't start to full recovery of damaged vehicles right up to heavy duty.

We will tow you if that's what you need, or get you going without being pulled a single yard if that's an option. And if your beloved vehicle needs to be wafted to the workshop on a magic carpet without its wheels even touching the ground we an do that too (though our magic carpets are normally called flatbeds).

About Us

Waco Towing & Recovery is right where you'd expect it in Waco, McLennan county which puts it squarely on the I-35 between Austin and Dallas. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our expertise when it comes whatever kind of vehicle needs help, and whatever situation that vehicle finds itself in. Whatever the problem, we can sort it out.

Our Services

What makes Waco Towing & Recovery different from other recovery services is the sheer range of service we provide. Sure we're the towing and recovery experts but we also do full roadside assistance so where possible we aim to get you back on the road under your own power, not ours.

If towing or recovery are needed we have got you covered from the smallest to the heaviest vehicle. Take a look at what we offer and give a thought to what you might need.

Waco, TX

    This is a picture of a full wrecker service.
    This is a picture of a roadside assistance.
    This is a picture of a winch out.

    You name it, we do it. We have the expertise and the equipment to get your vehicle safely home without doing any more damage to it than it has already. Maybe you just need a jump start, or a winch out from a muddy roadside or ditch to get your wheels firmly back on the ground.

    Maybe your motor needs to be carried gently to the mechanic, or maybe you're looking at what seems like a large scale disaster and you'd really like some experts to come and take away the drama. That's us.

    Motorcycles, cars, or recreational vehicles? No problem at all for Waco Towing & Recovery. You don't need to know the weight of your vehicle because we have the right equipment to take care of it whether it has two wheels or 18 – just give us a call and tell us what you're running for us to come with what's needed for the job.

    This is a picture of a towing services.
    This is a picture of a truck towing.
    This is a picture of a full wrecker.

    Ouch. It happens. Sometimes a vehicle is so badly damaged it can't drive or even roll by itself. Or sometimes you just need to take special care because maybe it can roll but dragging it along on its own tires could damage wheels, axles, or seized parts. No problem. Whatever it is we can recover it and bring it safely home.

    Because big things break down too. Industrial vehicles, big rigs, large buses, they are all prone to mechanical problems and accidents. Only now every second they're off the road is money you're not making.

    Time is money and it's time to call the experts at Waco Towing & Recovery because from a jack knifed semi to a garbage truck that's gone off the tracks you want it back in service and we know how to get it back to base without doing any further damage. Call us now.

    This is a picture of a heacy duty towing.
    This is a picture of a winch out.
    This is a picture of a roadside assistance.

    Oops. So we're off the road and need a little bit of help getting back onto a surface that's safe to burn rubber on. Winch outs call for a bit more than a winch and an anchor – if there's a gradient involved, for example, then a professional recovery service knows how to calculate the amount of pull and the angle of recovery. Time to call the pros at a Waco Towing & Recovery.

    We do every kind of recovery and towing rosenberg tx yet we are so much more than that. We come to you night or day, good weather or bad, every day of the year equipped not just with wrecker trucks but with the spares and the savvy needed to get your wheels turning again.

    Don't wait for something to go wrong before you look us up – save our number to your cell phone right now.

    "All it takes is some driver changing lanes carelessly and you can be looking at a jack knifed refrigerated unit stuck by the roadside. Waco Towing & Recovery understand that this isn't just about sorting out the mess, it's about getting it done fast so we can get back to business. We keep their number on speed dial. Because you never know" - Leroy T.

    "Waco Towing & Recovery got my pickup out of a ditch with no fuss, and the kind of loving care I would show the car myself. Theirs is the only tow service number I keep now, and I can't stress enough how completely and utterly sastisfied with their service.  Pure professionals by every standard." - Susanne L.

    "When it's dark, it's raining, your two small kids are asleep in the back, and the motor dies you want to be sure that someone is coming who will sort out the mess no matter how serious or trivial it is. Waco Towing & Recovery did exactly that in a friendly, professional way. Highly recommended." - Daniel P.

    Contact Us Today

    Waco Towing & Recovery has the answers to all of your breakdown, towing, or recovery problems. If you're planning to move an immobile vehicle to a new location then get in touch and we can talk through your options. Or fill in the email contact form and we will get back to you. If your problem is more of the unplanned kind then you'll be reassured to know that our 24/7 team is literally waiting on the phone for your call.

    Whatever the problem Waco Towing & Recovery can get you out of it. But why wait for things to happen? Why not take our number right now and save it to your cell so you have the peace of mind of knowing that we've got you (re)covered, whatever happens out there.